Mauser M12 .308 Combo

German precision has never been more evident than in the unparalleled heritage of Mauser rifles. Mauser has been producing firearms for the German Armed Forces since the 1870’s, when they operated under the name Königliche Waffen Schmieden. The Mauser Model 98 action in fact laid the foundation on which many of the best modern sporting rifles are still being built today.

Closer to home, during the second Anglo-Boer War, the Germans supplied somewhere around 35,000 to 55,000 Mausers to Boer armed forces. Interestingly enough, these arms were not supplied to the fighters in normal military fashion. Instead they were sold to the farmers, who then took full ownership of their rifle. The Boers were so successful with this newfound weapons system, that it became part of their fundamental belief system: “With God and a Mauser.” This certainly explains the nostalgic brand loyalty Mauser still enjoys in in our neck of the woods. Proven performance over years and years of service.

And if you have any doubt about why the Boers were so successful with theirs, have a look at the target below to see what a modern day M12 does with factory ammunition. This is an actual photo of a target shot by Johan Wessels, the manager of A.Rosenthal.

A.Rosenthal are now offering an exclusive Mauser M12 combo deal! Get a Mauser M12 chambered in .308 Winchester, topped with a beautiful Zeiss Z6 5-30x50 (including a Hexalock mount) for only N$67,000.00. The perfect classic combo for Namiban hunting.


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